Christmas Cheer

Christmas time is by far one of my most favorite times of year. Now that Gage is six it makes it a very exciting time. By Christmas Eve the tree was trimmed and the lights were on the outside of the house. Packages were wrapped in paper and tied up with ribbons and bows and my son was so excited he could barely contain himself.

When you are six you believe in everything Christmas. This was an extra special Christmas for Gage as it was his first to get to go to the 11:00pm church service on Christmas Eve. All day he told us how excited he was to get to go. My great uncle was playing an organ piece he had written at 10:40. So after an evening of sandwiches and family off we went to church.

 Gage sat perfect as we listened to Unkie play. The music was gorgeous and told the story of the birth of Christ. From the shepards dancing in the fields to Mary singing her first lulaby to Jesus.

At 11 the offical Christmas Eve service started. We stood to sing “Little Town of Bethlahem” and Gage stood next to me proud as can be. About two verses into the song I could see that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. By the end of the song he was sitting on the pew with his eyes closed doing his best to not fall over.

We sat down and he leaned his head over onto Grandma’s shoulder. By the time we were ready to sing the next hymn Gage was stretched out on the pew sound asleep. Carter was curled up in Dad’s arms snoozing as well.

My most favorite part of the Christmas Eve service at our church as always been the last hymn. We stand in a large circle all the way around the sancutary and the lights go down. Our Pastor lights a candle off of the Christ candle in the advent wreath and starts passing the light. After everyone’s candle has been lit we stand and sing Silent Night. It is beautiful and leaves such a peaceful feeling inside. Gage, who was all excited to stand in the circle and sing Silent Night had his own silent night. He slept on the pew as our congregation surrounded him singing.

We returned home and Gage looked at me and said “Can you put out the cookies and milk for Santa? Also the reindeer food? I am just too tired.” So Ben and I put the milk and cookies out and I went out and sprinkled the lawn with his reindeer food. We then settled in for the night.

In the morning I made breakfast and the family all arrived and Gage woke up on perfect cue at 9:30 and we ate and opened presents and oohed and awwed over each others gifts. Gage got everything he could ever want and was thrilled more and more with each item. That evening we went to my great aunt and uncles and had dinner. It was so wonderful to sit around the Christmas table and have our family near and be able to see the blessings we have had this year. We have had many and there have been many times when we were not sure that we would all be able to be together for this Christmas.

As our relatives get older it is more and more important for me to be with them on Christmas. You never know when it will be the last chance you have to make a memory. I left this Christmas with many many memories but my favorite by far is the warmth of the Christmas table.


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